Sports on Air: Tom Scollay and Andrew Walton Speak about Cricket Mentoring

The Internet is one of the biggest sources of information for most of us. This magical, virtual world, however, has a catch – for certain niche topics, you may not find any resources. What do you do then?

Well, Tom Scollay came up with a proactive solution – he started producing the content he could not find online. He started Cricket Mentoring, an online platform where you can find content related to sports, holistic development and more. Further, with the help of experienced mentors like Andrew Walton, Bhavi Devchand and many others who work with him at Cricket Mentoring, he has started to produce content on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms to share tips and tricks to help young players.

Tom, along with Andrew and Bhavi, recently visited the city of Bangalore with ten young cricket players from Australia as part of a collaboration with the Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC). The change in environment helped the Australian players learn to adapt to different conditions while the Indian players learned the holistic approach to the game from the mentors themselves. This exchange of knowledge hopefully will help everyone involved grow.

What exactly is this holistic approach? The mind, body, and spirit – the development of all of these three components – help create a well-rounded sportsperson. Tom believes that mentors need to help young players achieve this balance. When there is an option available for providing this sort of training online then every effort needs to be made to keep the conversation going. The other benefit of connecting with people online is the opportunity it some times provides to meet those people in real life. Tom met Bhavi after both of them had exchanged ideas online. Today, Bhavi is a Leading Mentor of Mindset at Cricket Mentoring.

Bhavi is a professional cricket player. Having played the sport for long, she is now seeing a rise in the number of young women opting to play cricket. “There is a lot of family support as well, with brothers and sisters joining the institute together and their parents supporting both their kids from the boundary lines.” There is a brighter future for women’s cricket in India, the mentors think.

All this and more has been discussed in detail in this podcast. Listen in!

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