World Hand Hygiene Day 2019: Keeping Healthy is in Our Hands

When you enter a hospital, a strong, mixed odour of cleaning solutions flood your nose and make you incapable of experiencing any other smell for a long time after you have left. Cleanliness in a hospital holds near paramount importance. People affected by myriad medical conditions walk around in close proximity to each other here. This increases the chances of them exchanging infections. It does not come as a surprise then that the World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated a day for creating awareness on the topic of hygiene.

May 5th, 2019, marks the 11th World Hand Hygiene Day and the theme for this year is ‘Clean Care for All: It’s in Your Hands’. According to the WHO, for every hundred patients admitted to a hospital, ten in developing countries and seven in developed countries will acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection. Regardless of whether it a developed or a developing nation, this risk is imminent.

The spread of dangerous diseases like H1N1 and chicken pox can be avoided by following simple steps of hand-washing. Our mothers and teachers were right in forcing us to wash our hands before and after doing any activity. But the majority of us do not even know how to properly wash our hands. This also can increase the chances of infection. The WHO has a seven-step procedure to ensure that you wash your hands properly.  

Campaigning is necessary to create awareness and draw attention to a particular cause. The WHO believes that Infection Prevention and Control is one such very important but less discussed topic. Making sure that every health organisation and every person associated with it knows about hand hygiene takes it closer to its goal of Universal Health Care. The campaign posters and advertisements released by the WHO show youngsters promoting the cause. This is to make sure that the next generation understands the importance of this campaign and is prepared.

All this and more is discussed in this episode featuring Janet Mathias, Chief of Nursing Services, JSS Hospital.

Listen in for more!

Written by Delisia Martis.

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