Active Health: Hot Oil Doesn’t Solve Ear Infections!

In this episode of Active Health, RJ Padma Priya is in conversation with Dr. Nagarathna about infections of the ear.

The ears are very important sensory organs of the human body and their structure can be divided into three parts – outer ear, middle ear, and internal ear. Dr. Nagarathna shares details of the types of infections that can affect the outer ear, caused by bacteria, virus, and fungus. “If care is not taken then this can spread to other parts of the body which are close to the outer ear. In the little inner side of the ear, bacterial infections are more common and the symptoms can include irritation, pain, and not being able to talk and eat. Such infections should be treated as soon as possible.”

For a few people, this infection-led irritation will be a lot severe, causing redness and bleeding. A few people try to treat this with home remedies like pouring hot oil and salt water into the ear; when the hot oil touches the ear drum directly then the chances of deafness go up. “Fungal infections will also be irritating and cause leaking of watery fluids from the ear. It will lead to the closing of the ear and pus formation in a few cases.”

Removing dust from inside the ear using random materials like hairpins is harmful because that can introduce fungus and bacteria inside the ear and cause infections. Other kinds of infections can stem from dandruff when it gets in touch with the outer ear and enters the ear.

Dr. Nagarathna strongly advises against blind beliefs with regards to treatment of ear infections.

Listen in for more…

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