Sports on Air: Trekking and Cycling Enthusiast Ashis Kumar is Aiming for a World Record

Ashis Kumar plans to take on the world in 2019. He is attempting his first-ever Guinness Book of World Records’ feat for travelling pan-India on a bicycle and later trekking the tallest peaks in 129 countries. He is the eldest in his family and says that the pressure to support his family has been tremendous but that hasn’t stopped him from chasing his lofty dreams.

When asked about when he first developed an interest in the outdoors, he recalls that his ideas of trekking were shaped by television advertisements for energy drinks. He was unaware of the idea that there exist various outdoor activities like trekking and rappelling. “My interest peaked when I Googled the word ‘trekking’ and was awestruck by the idea of it.”

Merely weeks after his 3,400 km journey across 10 cities of India lasting 41 days, his interest in cycling was sparked when he came across a person on a social media site. This person had cycled across India. Ashis met him and immediately drew inspiration from him. “My most recent journey aimed to raise awareness about food wastage, in partnership with a Bangalore-based NGO.” Ashis prefers to travel alone as this reduces complications and, in his words, enables him to be his “own boss”.

Ashis urges us all to stay healthy, exercise, and to travel using public transportation as this is where the fun of the journey lies. The misconception that traveling is expensive is what acts as a barrier for most people and he says that this is not true and that people can travel for as little as INR 3,000 if they are willing to give up on luxuries and in turn, benefit from the human connect. He also insists that one learn as much as possible about the route and its challenges while on a trek and to always pack light.

Listen in for more…

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