Active Health: Middle Ear Infections Can Get Out of Hand, So Visit a Doctor!

Ever had a pesky ear infection? They may seem like irritants, but they can quickly spiral into becoming big health problems that affect other areas of the body as well.

In this episode of Active Health, RJ Padma Priya is in conversation with Dr. Nagarathna, who discusses the many complications of middle ear infections. “Almost all of these infections are caused by bacteria. They can be divided into two forms – Acute and Chronic Infections.”

Acute infections can be addressed easily but noticing Chronic infections is tough. Acute infections are usually observed in children. Because of that, they will experience pain, cry a lot, and keep touching the infected ear. Parents must be aware of these things to identify such infections. Along with these infections, viral fever and cough are common add-on symptoms.

Chronic infections in children can cause ear blockage and an inability to hear. The children may cry severely because of these types of infections and one should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Later stage symptoms will include coughs, vomiting, fever, and even fits. Fourth-level symptoms include the formation of pus, which may ooze out of the ear. This can be relaxing for children as the pain may ease once the oozing begins, but a doctor’s attention is still imperative at this stage.

Sinus, loss of hearing, and other more severe conditions may be caused by an unattended ear infection. Which is why timely treatment is very important.

Listen in for more…

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