Active Bengaluru: Udayant Toby Malhoutra of Dynamatic Hydraulics in Conversation with Pinky Chandran

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Pinky Chandran is in conversation with Udayant Toby Malhoutra, the CEO of Dynamic Hydraulics.

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. Their goals differed, but they all had this in common: that the step was first, the road new, the vision unborrowed…

The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me”

– These two quotes from Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head can aptly describe the ambitious, optimistic, dynamic, determined, industrious and enterprising CEO Udayant Toby Malhoutra, of Dynamatic Hydraulics.

Last Monday that is the 17th of June, I was invited to cover the CEO Conclave hosted by the Fluid Power Society of India and Toby as he is fondly called by his contemporaries, shared a heartwarming story. A story of a happy go lucky boy, who took a six-month sabbatical from school and backpacked through Europe with $ 100 given to him by his father, to supplement his stay, we started helping out at a pizzeria. A story of why he opted for Commerce stream when he was good at science… A story of being an entrepreneur and hobbyist… A story of how a 20-year-old boy, got involved in a business that had potential, but was run to the ground… A story of transforming a loss-making company into a leading global company! And wait there is more like what he reads, his hobbies and of course making a style statement by carrying his own mug.

Listen in for more…

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