Active Cooking: Tangy and Sweet Raw Mango Chutney and Orange Chutney

In this episode of Active Cooking, our guest cook is RJ Preeti Bhuyan. She prepares a simple and easy raw mango chutney, the recipe for which comes from Assam. “This dish is a delight to savour during mango season. Made using green mangoes, the chutney is a stand-alone dip that has both sweet and sour flavours. The sweet smell of the mangoes is so enticing!”

Preeti also talks about cooking being her first love. She tells us about Assam, the land of chutneys, and the many special recipes that come out of Assamese kitchens.


Raw Mangoes – 3
Green chilies – 4/5
Sugar – ½ tsp.

The first step to making this delicious chutney is peeling out the skin of the mangoes. Once peeled, begin to grate the mangoes as finely as possible. Using the thinner side of the grater is specifically more useful. Grate all the 3 mangoes, but if you are cooking just for yourself, then one mango should do the trick.

This chutney from Assam does not necessarily have to always be made during the mango season. Add salt to the grated mangoes. According to the amount of spiciness that is wanted, add in green chilies. Preeti adds 3 green chilies to add a dash of spice into the mangoes’ naturally sweet and sour taste. “If required, feel free to add 4-5 chilies to enhance the ‘chatpata’ flavour of the chutney. I feel the more chilies, the better!”

Take a small number of fresh pudina leaves, make sure to grind them or finely chop the leaves before you add it to the chutney.
After adding the Pudina, cut the coriander leaves and add into the mix for a special flavour and aroma.

Mix all these ingredients together and the chutney is ready to eat! The Chutney takes just 2 minutes to make!

You can have this chutney with rice or plain roti. Preeti, however, recommends that the chutney be had on its own!

Tasty Orange Chutney

The Orange Chutney is another favourite recipe that Preeti prepares with the help of her daughter, Nikita. This chutney has a unique combination of flavours and can also be consumed on its own! The tasty orange chutney is also very children-friendly as most kids end up loving it.


Coriander chutney
Green chilies

Begin by peeling the oranges. Cut the oranges into small pieces.

Add in the pre-made coriander chutney. This chutney is made by grinding green chilies, along with lemon juice, 2 cloves of garlic, and a small portion of ginger. This chutney came into existence via a trial and error process that Preethi performed in her kitchen. “I wanted to come out with a chutney that my daughter would enjoy.”

After adding the coriander chutney, add in salt. No pudina needs to be added to this simple chutney.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed together well, the chutney is ready to be served!

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