Chigurida Badaku with Dr. Subadhra: Balanced, Nutritious Meals are Essential to ART Efficacy

For the People Living with HIV (PlLHIV) community, nutritional support is an essential component to ensuring better efficacy of the ART regimen​. ​In this episode of Chigurid​​a Badaku, RJ Radha and Dr. Subadhra discuss the importance of ​having access to ​balanced nutrition when living with HIV/AIDS.

Antiretroviral therapy has ​been ground-breaking when it comes to improving the life​ ​​expectancy of persons living with HIV/AIDS. In India​,​ ​ART has reduced ​the incidence of ​​AIDS by 38%, ​but ​for this therapy to be ​fully ​effective,​ patients cannot go without​ good nutritional support.

​​Dr. Subadhra ​begins this episode with a basic explanation of how HIV infections are primarily caused. ​”It is mostly spread through unprotected sex and unsafe blood transfusion. ​AIDS can ​also ​spread through ​the ​placenta, therefore​ an ​HIV+ mother can pass o the infection to their child.​”​ A few of the symptoms of this ​condition include persistent cough, cold​,​ and opportunistic infections. As the body’s immune system weakens, many kind​s​ of infections creep into ​the ​body.

​”​During the medication period​,​ liquid foods are ​the most ideal. Spicy, fried​,​ and high​ly​ acidic food​s​ ​should be avoided. ​Consuming small and frequent meals​ is often recommended. Good nutrition improves the immune system and protects ​the body ​from opportunistic infections and increases life expectancy.​”​

​It, of course, doesn’t stop at food and medication. ​Dr. Subadhra​ emphasises​ that every ​AIDS patients should be assisted both emotionally and socially. ​”​Individual counseling will help them cope ​better​.​”​

Listen in for more…

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