A Reference List of Government of India Policies, Rules, Schemes, and Reports on Waste Management

Photo Credit: Pinky Chandran

In the past few years of my work with Solid Waste Management, I have increasingly felt the public awareness is a key to implementing successful waste management. Participation becomes much more meaningful when we are aware of the existing legislation, take responsibility, ask questions and find solutions collectively.

Here’s a compilation of Government of India and Karnataka policies, initiatives, reports, manuals, etc in addition to directions from Supreme Court, NGT and Karnataka High Court . It also contains allied/interconnected legislation, and other government documents related to waste and waste workers.

Note, this table has been adapted from the author’s previous works- Chandran, P; Arora, K; Shekar, N; Abubaker, M; ( 2018) Valuing Urban Waste: The Need for a comprehensive material recovery policy, Hasiru Dala, Bengaluru, India

This is work in progress document and will be updated periodically. If you find something related that must be included in this list, please email me at radioactivecr90.4mhz@gmail.com, all contributions will be duly acknowledged. Note, we will be coming out with an infographic of this, for easy reading. If using this list as is, please do credit the efforts of this compilation. Happy Reading!

– Pinky Chandran

1971 The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules, 1971   https://indiankanoon.org/doc/6463862/  
1979 The Bureau of Indian Standards – The Indian Standard, IS : 4393 : 1979, as basic requirement for Abattoir (First Revision).   https://www.hindujagruti.org/hindu-vidhidnya-parishad/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2015/06/15-important-is.4393.1979.pdf  
1989 The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989   https://ncsk.nic.in/sites/default/files/PoA%20Act%20as%20amended-Nov2017.pdf  
1993 National Commission for Safai Karamchari Act, 1993   https://ncsk.nic.in/sites/default/files/Binder3.pdf  
1995 The Planning Commission constituted a High Power Committee on Solid Waste management under the Chairmanship of Prof. J.S. Bajaj, Member, Planning Commission, Government of India, 1995   https://swachcoop.com/pdf/Bajaj%20Committee%20Report%201995.pdf  
1998 “Draft Guidelines for Sanitation in Slaughter Houses”   http://jkspcb.nic.in/WriteReadData/userfiles/file/Slaughter%20houses/Draft%20guidelines%20for%20slaughter.pdf  
1998 Indian Standard  Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics   http://www.questin.org/sites/default/files/standards/is.14534.1998_0.pdf  
1999 Recommendations For The Modernization Of Solid Waste Management In Class I Cities In India : By Report Of The Committee Constituted By The Hon’ble Supreme Court Of India (March, 1999)  
2000 Municipal Solid Waste ( Management and Handling) Rules 2000 Note:  Given that the 2016 rules have been notified, the details are listed below  
2001 The Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001 ( 16th May 2001)   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/hwmd/battery%20management%20&%20handling%20rules%202001.pdf    
2001 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001   http://jkspcb.nic.in/WriteReadData/userfiles/file/Slaughter%20houses/Slaughter%20houses%20Rules,%202001.pdf   http://www.macollege.in/app/webroot/uploads/department_materials/doc_476.pdf   https://www.hasindia.org/VCD/police%20module%20final%20copy.pdf   https://www.fssai.gov.in/…/Proforma_Animal_Ante_Post_Mortem_Certificate_08_11 
2002 The Report Of The Second Indian National Labour Commission-2002   http://www.prsindia.org/uploads/media/1237548159/NLCII-report.pdf
2004 Solid Waste Management in Slaughter House, CPCB ( September 2004)   http://cpcbenvis.nic.in/cpcb_newsletter/Solid%20Waste%20Management%20in%20Slaughter%20House%20Parivesh%20Newsletter%20cpcb%20envis.PDF  
2005 National Electricity Policy   https://powermin.nic.in/en/content/national-electricity-policy  
2006 National Environment Policy 2006   https://www.indiawaterportal.org/articles/national-environment-policy-nep-ministry-environment-and-forests-2006  
2007 National Petrochemical Policy 2007   https://www.cipet.gov.in/national-policy-on-petrochemicals.php  
2008 Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling & Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008 ( Refer Revised Rules 2016)  
2008 National Action Plan for Climate Change   http://pmindia.nic.in/Pg01-52.pdf  
2008 The Performance Audit Report on Management of Waste In India submitted by the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG) (December 2008)   http://saiindia.gov.in/english/home/Our_Products/Other_Reports/Study_Reports/Study_Report_Environment_Audit/Chapter_5.pdf  
2008 The Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act 2008   http://legislative.gov.in/sites/default/files/A2008-33.pdf  
2008 The High Powered Expert Committee (HPEC) for estimating the investment requirement for urban infrastructure services set up by the Ministry of Urban Development in May, 2008   http://icrier.org/pdf/FinalReport-hpec.pdf
2008 Guidelines for Environmentally Sound Management of Waste (As approved vide MoEF letter No.23-23/2007-HSMD dt. March 12, 2008)   https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=UHJvamVjdHMvRS1XYXN0ZS9mdWxsLXRleHQucGRm  
2009 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) retained ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS) to develop the Toolkit for implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) sector    http://ppp.worldbank.org/public-private-partnership/sites/ppp.worldbank.org/files/documents/India_SolidWasteMgmt_PPP_Tookit-Volume-I_EN.pdf
2010 Report of the Committee to Evolve Road Map on Management of Wastes in India, MOEF 2010   http://www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in/content/300662/report-of-the-committee-to-evolve-road-map-on-management-of-wastes-in-india/  
2010 Report of the committee set up to frame National Sustainable Habitat Standards for the Municipal Solid Waste Management   http://mpurban.gov.in/pdf/MunicipalSolidWasteManagement.pdf
2010 The Ministry of Urban Development circular dated March 2010 Circular: Directs the principal secretaries to include waste pickers into solid waste management and further articulates the principles on which the integration of waste pickers should occur.  
2011 Plastic Waste ( Management and Handling) Rule, 2011 And E-Waste ( Management and Handling) Rule, 2011 Note:  Given that the 2016 rules have been notified, the discussions are listed below  
2011 E Waste in India, RESEARCH  UNIT (LARRDIS) RAJYA  SABHA  SECRETARIAT NEW DELHI, JUNE, 2011, recognising the contribution of the informal waste sector states   http://rajyasabha.nic.in/rsnew/publication_electronic/E-Waste_in_india.pdf
2012 Toolkit for Solid Waste Management Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission ( November 2012)   http://www.hpccc.gov.in/PDF/Solid_Waste/SWMtoolkit.pdf  
2013 Ministry of Urban Development Government of India Advisory on Improving Municipal Solid Waste Management Services   http://moud.gov.in/pdf/57f1f0a614e7aAdvisory%20on%20Improving%20Municipal%20Solid%20Waste%20Manageemnt%20Services08.pdf  
2013 The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013   http://legislative.gov.in/actsofparliamentfromtheyear/prohibition-employment-manual-scavengers-and-their-rehabilitation-act  
2014 Report of The Task Force on Waste to Energy ( Volume I ), Planning Commission, in the context of Integrated MSW Management ( May 12, 2014)   http://planningcommission.nic.in/reports/genrep/rep_wte1205.pdf
2014 Swachh Bharat Mission The Guidelines for SBM, urges state governments to pursue the cause of wastepickers:  
2015 Report of the Sub-Group of Chief Ministers on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, October, 2015, constituted by NITI Aayog as per decision taken at the first meeting of the Governing Council of the NITI Aayog chaired by the Prime Minister on 8th February, 2015   https://niti.gov.in/writereaddata/files/coop/Report%20of%20Sub-Group%20of%20Chief%20Ministers%20on%20Swachh%20%20Bharat%20Anhiyaan.pdf  
2015 National Urban Sanitation Policy   http://mohua.gov.in/cms/National-Urban-Sanitation-Policy.php  
2015 National Guidelines Menstrual Hygiene Management – December 2015   https://jalshakti-ddws.gov.in/sites/default/files/Menstrual%20Hygiene%20Management%20-%20Guidelines.pdf  
2016 The Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=aHdtZC9IV01fUnVsZXNfMjAxNi5wZGY=  
2016 E-Waste Rules 2016See amendment 2018  
2016 Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 see amended 2018 ( 28th March 2016)  
2016 Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, see amended 2018  
2016 Solid Waste Management Rules 2016   http://bbmp.gov.in/documents/10180/1920333/SWM-Rules-2016.pdf/27c6b5e4-5265-4aee-bff6-451f28202cc8  
2016 Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016 29th March 2016   https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=d2FzdGUvQyZEX3J1bGVzXzIwMTYucGRm  
2016 Guidelines for Disposal of Thermoset Plastic Waste including Sheet moulding compound (SMC)/Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)( As per Rule 5© of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 dated 18th March, 2016) 25th May 2016   https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=cGxhc3RpY3dhc3RlL1RoZXJtb3NldF9HdWlkZWxpbmVzLnBkZg==  
2016 “The National Action Plan for Municipal Solid Waste Management”, [In compliance with Hon’ble National Green Tribunal Order Dated 5th February, 2015 in the Matter of OA No. 199 of 2014, Almitra H. Patel &Anr. Vs Union of India &Ors.] by Central Pollution Control Board   http://www.cpcb.nic.in/wast/municipalwast/Action_plan.pdf  
2016 National Safai Karmachari Finance & Development Corporation (NSKFDC) Reference   https://wastenarratives.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/letter1.pdf  
2016 Ministry of Urban Development Office Memorandum Revisions/ Modifications of the operational guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission ( Urban) 18th July 2016   http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/writereaddata/OMADDENDUMSBM.PDF?id=73ghhw7b3g48m12a    
2016 Revised Guidelines for Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical-Waste/Common_Bio_Medical_Waste_treatment_facilities.pdf  
2016 Manual on Solid Waste Management Systems (CPHEEO-2016)   Part 1 : http://mohua.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/Part1(1).pdf Part 2: http://mohua.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/Part2.pdf Part 3:  
2016 Department of Fertilisers, Office Memorandum:  Policy on Promotion of City Compost (10th February 2016)   http://fert.nic.in/sites/default/files/city_composed_0.pdf    
2016 Standing Committee on Energy ( 2015-16) Sixteenth Lok Sabha Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Power Generation from Municipal Solid Waste , Twentieth Report, Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi  
2016 Draft Model Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling), Cleanliness and SanitationRULES / BYE-LAWS (October)   http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/writereaddata/Draft%20Sanitation%20Byelaws.pdf?id=73ghhw7b3g48m12a    
2016 MINISTRY OF NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY [Action Taken on the recommendations contained in the Twentieth Report (16 the Lok Sabha) on Power Generation from Municipal Solid Waste] TWENTY FOURTH REPORT, LOK SABHA SECRETARIAT NEW DELHI ( December 2016)  
2017 STANDING COMMITTEE ON CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS (2016-17) SIXTEENTH LOK SABHA IMPLEMENTATION OF POLICY ON PROMOTION OF CITY COMPOST   http://www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in/files/file/Implementation%20of%20Policy%20on%20Promotion%20of%20City%20Compost.pdf    
2017 Department of Fertilisers , Office Memorandum: Guidelines for Direct Sale of City Compost manufacturers to farmers in bulk under the Policy on Promotion of the City Compost of the  Department of Fertilisers ( DOF) 9th January 2017   http://fert.nic.in/sites/default/files/Guidlines_for_Direct_Sale_of_City_Compost_by_Compost_manufacturers_to_farmers_in_bulk_under_the_policy_on_Promotion_of_the_City_Compost_of_the_Department_of_Fertilizers_(DOF).pdf  
2017 National Policy on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/writereaddata/National%20FSSM%20policy.pdf?id=73ghhw7b3g48m12a  
2017 Guidelines for Co-processing of Plastic Waste in Cement Kilns (As per Rule ‘5(b)’ of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016) 23rd May 2017   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/plasticwaste/Co-processing_Guidelines_Final_23.05.17.pdf  
2017 Draft National Energy Policy NITI Aayog, Government of India, Version as on 27.06.2017   https://niti.gov.in/writereaddata/files/new_initiatives/NEP-ID_27.06.2017.pdf  
2017 Department of Fertilisers , Office Memorandum: Amendment in guidelines dated 10.10.2016 under the policy on promotion of City Compost 7th September 2017   http://fert.nic.in/sites/default/files/Amendment_in_guidelines_dates_10_10_2016_under_the_policy_on_promotion_of_City_Compost_reg.pdf    
2017 Department of Fertilisers , Office Memorandum: Amendment in guidelines dated 09.01.2017 on Bulk sale of City Compost by  Compost marketing companies to farmers under the policy on promotion of City Compost  7th September 2017   http://fert.nic.in/sites/default/files/Amendment_in_guidelines_dated_09_01_2017_on_Bulk_Sale_of_City_Compost_by_Compost_marketing_companies_to_fermers_under_the_policy_on_promotion_of_City_Compost_reg%20.pdf  
2017 Guidelines for Swachh Bharat Mission Revised as on 5th October 2017   http://swachhbharaturban.gov.in/writereaddata/SBM_Guideline.pdf?id=73ghhw7b3g48m12a  
2018 EMPOWERING MARGINALIZED GROUPS – CONVERGENCE BETWEEN SBM AND DAY-NULM March 2018   https://nulm.gov.in/PDF/NULM_Mission/SBM_NULM_Convergence_Guideline.pdf    
2018 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Issuing Certificate to Manufacturers/Sellers of Compostable Plastic Carry Bags/Products 15.02.2018 (Rule 4(h) of Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016)   https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=cGxhc3RpY3dhc3RlL0NlcnRpZmljYXRpb25fb2ZfbWFudWZhY3R1cmVyc18xLlBERg==  
2018   Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, amended 2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/displaypdf.php?id=cGxhc3RpY3dhc3RlL1BXTV9HYXpldHRlLnBkZg==  
2018 Bio-Medical Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2018  ( 16th March 2018)   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical-Waste/Amendment_BMWM_Rules2018.pdf  
2018 National Policy on Biofuels,- 2018   http://petroleum.nic.in/sites/default/files/biofuelpolicy2018_1.pdf    
2018 E- Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018. 22nd March 2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/E-Waste/e-waste_amendment_notification_06.04.2018.pdf  
2018 Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA ) Study of Plastic  Packaging Products by CBCB 15.05.2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/plasticwaste/LCA_Report_15.05.2018.pdf  
2018 Guidelines for Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) under E-Waste(Management) Amendment Rules, 2018 23rd May 2015   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/E-Waste/Guidelines_for_PRO_23.05.2018.pdf  
2018 Draft Amendments to Tariff Policy, As on 30.05.2018   https://powermin.nic.in/sites/default/files/webform/notices/Proposed_amendments_in_Tariff_Policy_0.pdf  
2018 Guidelines for the Disposal of Non-recyclable Fraction (Multi-layered) Plastic Waste(As per Rule ‘6(2)(d) & 9(2)’ of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, as amended 2018) 24th April 2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/plasticwaste/guidelines_nonrecyclable_fraction_24.04.2018.pdf  
2018 Guidelines for Bar Code System for Effective Management of Bio-medical Waste April 2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical-Waste/Guidelines_for_Bar_Code_System_for_HCFs_and_CBWTFs.pdf  
2018 GUIDELINES FOR MANAGEMENT OF SANITARY WASTE, as per SWM 2016 15th May 2018   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/MSW/Final_Sanitary_Waste_Guidelines_15.05.2018.pdf  
2018 Circulation of revised Swachhagrahi Guidelines, 2018 – regarding   https://jalshakti-ddws.gov.in/sites/default/files/Swachhagrahi_Guidelines_2018.pdf  
2018 Guidelines for Management of Healthcare Waste as per Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016 ( June 2018)   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical Waste/Guidelines_healthcare_June_2018.pdf  
2018 Guidelines on Usage of Refuse Derived Fuel in Various Industries, Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, October 2018   http://cpheeo.gov.in/upload/5bda791e5afb3SBMRDFBook.pdf  
2019 NIUA (2018) “TRAINING OF TRAINERS’ MANUAL 2019” Delhi, India   https://drive.google.com/file/d/10EafPxIAD7i9zypUf_ZRfAbCgYhTVbvY/view  
2019 Guidelines for Environmentally Sound Facilities for Handling, Processing and Recycling of End-of- Life Vehicles (ELV) 11.3. 2019 https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/hwmd/Guidelines_Handling_Processing_and_Recycling_ELV_11.03.2019.pdf  
2019 Clarification of Buffer Zone Guidelines, issued by CPCB in April 2017   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/MSW/bufferzone_guidelines.pdf  
2019 Guidelines for Disposal of Legacy Waste (Old Municipal Solid Waste)   https://www.cpcb.nic.in/uploads/LegacyWasteBiomining_guidelines_29.04.2019.pdf  
2019 “The National Action Plan for Municipal Solid Waste Management”, [In compliance with Hon’ble National Green Tribunal Order Dated 5th February, 2015 in the Matter of OA No. 199 of 2014, Almitra H. Patel &Anr. Vs Union of India &Ors.]   https://cpcb.nic.in/national-action-plan/  
2019 Guidelines for Verification of Two Seconds Residence Time in Secondary Combustion Chamber of the Biomedical Waste Incinerator 26.04.2019   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical-Waste/BMW_Guidelines_26.04.2019.pdf  
2019  CPCB Guidelines for Imposition of Environmental Compensation Charges against Healthcare Facilities and Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facilities(As per Hon’ble National Green Tribunal’s Order dated 12.03.2019 in the matter of O.A. 710 of 2017) 21.06.2019   https://cpcb.nic.in/uploads/Projects/Bio-Medical-Waste/BMW_Guidelines_21.06.2019.pdf  
2019 Zero draft of the environment impact assessment notification 2019 ( 15th April 2019)   https://imgs.mongabay.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2019/05/22103405/Zero-Draft-EIA-Notification-2019-for-comments_compressed1.pdf  

Karnataka Specific

1976 “Report of the Committee on the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions of Sweepers and Scavengers”, Shri. I.P.D. Salappa, Chairman, April 1976  
2009 Karnataka Urban Development Policy 31.11.2009   http://www.municipaladmn.gov.in/sites/municipaladmn.gov.in/files/pdf/ActsandRules/UrbanDevelopmentPolicy-correctedason31.11.09.pdf  
2009 Payment of salaries through cheque – pourakarmikas & safai karmachari – outsource. Dated: 17.04.2009    
2014 Guidelines for siting of slaughter house   https://kspcb.gov.in/Slaughter%20house.pdf  
2014 Guidelines for Management of Municipal Solid Waste in big campuses/Educational Institutions 5th February 2014   https://kspcb.gov.in/big%20campuses.pdf  
2015 Recommendations to State Action Plan on Climate Change Based on state wide public consultations and internal studies ( May 2015)   https://kspcb.gov.in/Climate_Change_05062015.pdf  
2016 GOK order on provision of uniform and safety equipment to pourakarmikas    
2016 Draft Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy 2016-2022   http://kredlinfo.in/scrollfiles/Draft%20Renewable%20Energy%20Policy%202016-2022.pdf  
2016 Karnataka Plastic Ban Notification 11th March 2016   https://www.karnataka.gov.in/empri/PlasticBan/Notification_BAN-OF-Plastics.pdf  
2016 Penalty Circular 4th May 2016   https://www.karnataka.gov.in/empri/PlasticBan/Ban_of_Plastics_Penalty_impose_BBMP.pdf  
2017 Corrigendum Notification 18th April 2017 https://www.kspcb.gov.in/corrigendum_notification_18042017.pdf  
2017 Karnataka State Sanitation Strategy 9th September 2017   http://www.municipaladmn.gov.in/sites/municipaladmn.gov.in/files/karnataka_state_sanitation_strategy_9.9.2017_shpc.pdf  
2017 Notification on Burning of Solid Wastes including twings dry leaves & other wastes in open places.   https://kspcb.gov.in/MSW_burning%20twings_palnts_01092017.pdf  
2018 Addendum 26th March 2018   https://www.kspcb.gov.in/plastics_05-04-2018.pdf  
2018 Corrigendum Notification 4th April 2018   https://www.karnataka.gov.in/empri/PlasticBan/plastic%20ban%20notification.pdf  
2018 Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India Performance audit Of Solid Waste Management in Urban Local Bodies, Government of Karnataka Report No. 4 of the year 2018   https://cag.gov.in/sites/default/files/audit_report_files/Report_No_4_of_2018_Performance_Audit_of_Solid_Waste_Management_in_Urban_Local_Bodies_Government_of_Karnataka.pdf  

Supreme Court/NGT/Karnataka High Court/ Lok Adalat Directions and Orders

2018 O.A. No. 606/2018 NGT Order http://www.greentribunal.gov.in/Display_file_judgement.aspx?ID=30219&type=1  
2018 O.A. 38/2018 National Green Tribunal puts Karnataka Govt. on notice for planning to release 1152 crores plastic labels into the environment http://esgindia.org/new/press-release/national-green-tribunal-puts-karnataka-govt-on-notice-for-planning-to-release-1152-crores-plastic-labels-into-the-environment/  
2019 Original Application No. 63/2019 NGT Order Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding notification of standards of lead to be used in PVC pipes, 14/01/2019   http://www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in/files/file/lead_PVC_pipes_NGT_Order_Notification.pdf  

Compiled by Pinky Chandran

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