Active Bengaluru: This Sunday, Help Support ‘She Can Fly’ Through the ‘Sunrise Marathon’

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Trisha, Sanjitha, Pranitha, Krithika, and Siri talk about ‘Sunrise Marathon’, which will be held on July 14th, 2019. The 5K run will be conducted at Cubbon Park, starting at 5:45 am.

In this conversation, the class X students, who have been entrusted the responsibility of Seva Project by CBSE through their school, talk about how the run started. They think that the marathon is a good idea to raise funds through. “But the promotion of it is not an easy task and in the first week, we expected more numbers than what actually came about.” The aim of the marathon is to raise funds for girls’ education. The amount raised will be donated to the Smile Foundation. They are focusing especially on a campaign called ‘She Can Fly’ by Smile Foundation. This initiative is an effort to enable, equip, and empower female children with quality education, proper nutrition, good health, adequate skills, and above all, a lot of self-confidence to help them live their lives to their fullest potential.

As this is their first time organising an event of this scale, the students also talk about the background chores involved, like designing logos, posters, certificates, and social media pages. As part of the promotion, they have also visited schools, Cubbon Park itself, and official departments for the requisite permissions.

Anyone who wishes to join can register online at

Listen in for more…

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