Active Cooking: Preparing Nugge Soppu and Arve Chilke Soppu Palya

Nadiya is our guest cook for this episode of Active Cooking. She shows us how to realise the recipe for Nugge Soppu and Arve Soppu
Palya. “I love Nugge Soppu. In fact, I love it so much that I used to dip the washed soppu in the curry and eat it raw!” This Nugge Soppu is especially good for the digestive system.


Nugge soppu
Arve soppu
Mustard seeds
Toor dal

Pour a spoonful of oil into a pan and season it with mustard seeds.

Once the seeds have been fried, add in the garlic and onion and fry well.

Next, add in the dry chilies and a little later, toss the green leafy vegetables into the seasoned onion-garlic mixture.

Add salt to taste. The soppu is ready to be served!

Listen in for more…

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