Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: At Sampangi’s DWCC, Rains and Arson are Ever-present Dangers

In this episode of Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka, RJ Usha speaks with Sampangi, who runs a dry waste collection center at Kumaraswamy Layout, Ward number 181.

They have been running this center for the past three years. At this center, the roof sheet is broken and when it rains, water leaks through and gets mixed up with the segregated waste. All the wetness invites hordes of insects into the center; worms are common in the space, which remains stinky. There is no proper place to sit for the workers either. The management has spent Rs 25,000 so far to add new sheets on the roof, but even that has not helped much. The center’s windows are also broken and they have been covered with sheets. “Even after segregation, the waste does not fetch much money as it is wet.”

Government officials have visited the center but no help from them has come forth to develop the facility. “We are requesting them to help set up a proper roof for the center. There is a restroom but it has no door and the water supply is not proper either.” At the center, they have bought a bailing machine which is helping them segregate and load waste better, but they are paranoid about the machine going kaput because of rainwater leakage. “If segregated waste is left outside, the local boys set fire to the waste. When it rains, we cry because all the waste gets wet and workers refuse to come to work.”

The center spends Rs. 800 per head for the workers, including the driver and the fuel charges. People in the vicinity support the center in their door-to-door waste collection activities. “They take good care of workers.” The NGO Hasirudala has helped them in receiving loans to keep the center going.

Listen in!

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