Eco Talk with RJ Vijaya: Swachha RR Nagar Takes on Clean-Up Drives and Opposes Tree Felling

An environment-loving group called Swachha RR Nagar from RR Nagar visited the Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz studios recently.

This group contributes to the betterment of their surroundings. In this conversation, Suresh Bhatt, Vivek, Savitha, and Prafula talk to RJ Vijaya about their aims and ambitions with this group. “How one keeps their house’s premises clean, one should also be responsible to keep their surroundings clean. Nothing can be done unless people around us start taking care of the environment. Only then will we have clean cities and a clean nation,” Suresh says.

This group started with 3 people and later found its membership gradually rising. Currently, the group has 30 active members and continues to attract more. The group has a Facebook page where their activities are posted about every day. Supporters who have joined this group have come through through social media-led awareness, reading about other volunteers’ contributions.

This group takes over areas where they hold clean-up drives and also spreads awareness about keeping parks clean. People in and around parks often have conversations with the group members; the members especially like to speak with parents and grandparents about teaching their youngest family members the concept of public cleanliness. Swachha RR Nagar has a sub-group dedicated to preventing the felling of trees. Whenever a tree is being cut down, this group reaches the spot and enquires about BBMP approval; in case there isn’t an approval, the group informs BBMP officials about the illegal cutting down of a tree.

The group has also initiated watering of plants alongside lakes. Sadly, this initiative is often interrupted by many factors, like garbage accumulation, dirty water disposal, etc. The members are always sad to notice people who come for their morning walks carrying their garbage bags along and dumping them in or near the park. “Such actions make our work tougher.”

When asked about future plans, the team states that it wants to organise more cleaning drives, weekly or monthly. “By organising such drives, more people will become aware of this group and it will help us gain more volunteers.”

Listen in!

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