Animal Instincts: Is Pet Licensing a Feasible Idea?

In this episode of Animal Instincts, we discuss the issue of Pet Licensing.

This interaction features Vishwas, Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, and Mahendra. Vishwas has been a dog breeder for the last 20 years. He breeds German Shepards and for him, breeding is an opportunity to ensure that healthy genes get passed on to future generations. As he has been doing this for many years, he understands acutely that one should never neglect the mental health and conditions of dogs. In this discussion, he also talks about the importance of training dogs and addresses myths about sterilisation.

Priya Chetty-Rajgopal, founder of Cubbon Park Canines, states that pet licensing is necessary according to the rules set by BBMP. She has also worked with the Bengaluru Apartment Federation. “We have set up partnerships and done a lot of work in establishing Pet Guidelines.”

Mahendra says that pet licensing is not an easy thing to implement. “If you have a license, it doesn’t automatically indicate that you know how to take care of dogs. The responsible thing to do is to know about pet parenting and then get a license. That is how it should be until BBMP or another licensing unit can evaluate a person who wants to have a pet.”

Listen in !

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