Mano Charchae: Breaking Down Personality, Identity, and Personality Disorders

This episode of Mano Charchae dwells on personality disorders. Dr. Soumya Krishna, a consultant psychiatrist with more than 15 years of experience in the field, speaks with RJ Padma Priya about the range of disorders that can affect different persons.

Dr. Soumya believes that before understanding personality disorders, it is important to understand what ‘personality’ indicates. “Personality includes a pattern of thinking, behaving, and emotions that we develop over the years. These patterns vary between persons and situations, but we can group certain people displaying certain sets of similarities and differences.” So, how do we determine a person’s personality? “There is a lot of debate about whether a personality is decided by genetic, environmental, or nurturing factors. We have come to the conclusion that it’s usually both nature and nurture. We get personality traits from our genes and also the environment that we are exposed to. What one may get through the genetic makeup can be nurtured furthered during a lifetime.”

Primary Care Givers – parents, grandparents, friends, family members, nanny, and people at school like teachers and headmasters – are the ones with whom one spends formative childhood years. In this period, a person can easily pick up and develop certain traits and get deeply affected by certain incidents. “Sometimes, a difficult upbringing at home can be balanced by a good nurturing teacher or a good peer support group.”

The idea of personality, a lot of times, is interchanged with a sense of ‘identity’. “Personality accords identity and identity is usually assigned by society. A large part of a personality includes how one relates to themselves and the people around them. We tag it a disorder when this interaction becomes distressing and starts affecting the care-givers and others in one way or another.”

Listen in !

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