Mano Charchae: What Feeds Your Alcohol Addiction?

In this episode of Mano Charchae, RJ Padma Priya and Dr. Divya talk about the social factors that persons addicted to alcohol consumption often state as reasons for their addiction.

Stress – A large number of alcoholics state work pressure as the feeder of their addiction. Stress emanating from any reason can trigger the person to seek alcohol as a coping mechanism. But Dr. Divya insists that there are many healthier ways of coming out of stressful situations in life.

Family – Any problems experienced in relationships can easily become reasons for uncontrolled alcohol consumption. Ironically, family problems can stem from a person’s alcoholism itself, making it a cyclical problem. One needs to honestly determine the factors triggering the alcoholism before addressing it.

Celebrations and/or moments of grief – People tend to drink socially to celebrate happy moments in life, but relying on alcohol to overcome sadness is fairly common as well. Whatever the situation may be, it is essential to set boundaries and control one’s emotions. Alcohol may momentarily help one forget any grief, but the feeling will return when one is back to being sober.

Socialisation/Peer pressure – Parties and get-togethers often force one to consume alcohol. It is OK to indulge when one knows one’s limits. Also, it is OK to say “I don’t want to drink”.

Legal problems/Financial problems – One cannot concentrate on solving these problems when addicted to alcohol, so drinking because of them is a double-edged sword. Any addiction-related health problems can, in fact, compound the existing financial problems.

Dr. Divya speaks about the resistance she faces from many patients who are unwilling to spend money on addiction treatment. “I then make them calculate the amount of money they spend on alcohol, and they are always surprised.” As part of the treatment, she suggests that they hang a board in their room and write on it the amounts of money they spend so that they see it and think of it often.

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