Ghaneteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru: Kayeer and Bharathi Talk About Supporting Sex Workers

In this episode of Ghaneteya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru, RJ Radha is in conversation with Kayeer and Bharathi.

Kayeer got married at an early age, but for 14 years, the couple lived a happy life. Her husband left her abruptly and she became the sole caretaker of their three children. She worked as household help, but the money was not enough. She worked day and night to make ends meet. Fortunately, she got introduced to Swathi Manae and got access to a few loans with which she took care of urgent concerns. Kayeer has managed to get her eldest son married; his wife wants him to stay with her in her mother’s house but Kayeer’s son is not ready to leave his mother on her own.

Bharathi works as a Peer Educator at Swathi Manae. She helps raise awareness among women who are sex workers by providing them with condoms and memberships at Swathi Manae.

Bharathi was born and raised in a village but following her wedding, she shifted to Bengaluru with her husband. As their earnings were not enough, she took up a job at Swathi Manae. “On-field women don’t come forward to procure condoms; only after a few one-on-one interactions do they accept that they are into sex work and are ready to take the condoms being provided.” The women introduce Bharathi to more workers and the network expands. They can also intern at the organisation and register their names with it for benefits and services.

Listen in…

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