Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: There Should Be No Waste Work Without Safety Equipment

In this episode of Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka, RJ Usha speaks with workers at a DWCC on protecting oneself at the workplace.

Anand, Bharath, and Chandru talk about using personal protection equipment and also how every worker should be treated at the workplace. “When we go for door-to-door dry waste collection wearing a uniform, people identify us as workers who are working at the DWCC. Earlier, we used to have problems with the police but now, everyone treats us with respect.”

Health problems among the waste workers used to be common earlier. To prevent these risks, the use of masks, gloves, and shoes is very important. The NGO Hasirudala has provided them with all these materials.

Sampangi has 30 years of work experience and used to be a bone collector. “No one had thought of giving us these things before Hasirudala came in. Had we been helped earlier, I would definitely not have developed asthma. One of the workers I knew has left work because of the allergies and health issues he developed after working at the DWCC.”

Listen in!

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