Chigurida Badaku with Geetha: From Troubled Childhood to Happy Partnership

In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, Geetha looks back on her life with RJ Radha.

Geetha had a difficult childhood. There were six siblings in the home aside from her and her mother was overburdened with taking care of all of them as her father was an alcoholic. To ease the strain, Geetha was married off to a person at the age of 16. Geetha’s husband would be loving and attentive during the day, but come night time, he would sexually abuse her. She couldn’t escape the marriage as her parents were very poor.

In time, Geetha had two children. To the great shock of the family, her husband was diagnosed with HIV at an advanced stage. He was dead within 15 days of testing positive. Geetha’s worst fears came true when she, too, was diagnosed with HIV. Her situation was compounded by the fact that she was unaware of the symptoms that would follow and the need for timely treatment. Afflicted with TB and other health troubles, she was bedridden for three months in Snehadhan. Her sister took care of her children in her absence. “Many social organisations helped me at each step – especially for my treatment and for the education of my children.”

After about a year of her husband’s death, Geetha started a relationship with a man. He took good care of her and she, in turn, educated him about the use of condoms during sex. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen to her and today, is also HIV+. To obey his mother’s wishes, he broke up with Geetha and married another woman, with whom he has a son today. Geetha, for her part, educated him further on how to keep his wife HIV- in spite of him being PLHIV. In spite of being busy with his family responsibilities, he talks to Geetha very often.

Today, Geetha is in a partnership with a driver in the railway department and is running a small eatery as well. She got her daughter married at the age of 17 and is a grandmother to her child. Her son has a job with BESCOM. Both her children are in the dark about her stint as a sex worker.

Listen in!

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