Active Cooking: Drumstick Leaves Sabzi is a Nutritional Powerhouse!

In this episode of Active Cooking, we prepare Drumstick Leaves Sabzi. This sabzi is a very tasty dish while also being great for health. These leaves are believed to cure many health conditions like night blindness, constipation, piles, and are high in iron content. 

Our guest cook, Usha shows us how to prepare this recipe. “This dish is good for young women as they hit puberty and their bodies begin to mature. It provides great strength to them.” She adds that all drumstick leaves are not bitter, some are sweet as well. “It depends completely on the type of tree we choose the leaves from.”


Drumstick leaves
Salt to taste

First, cut the onion into small pieces and fry them after the seasoning items have been added to the hot oil in the pan. 

Then, mash up the garlic and fry it along with the onion. Add in the drumstick leaves to the seasoned onion-garlic mixture when the onion has turned pinkish in colour. 

Now, fry it all well and add salt to taste when completely cooked. A point to be noted is that the mixture shrinks to half the original quantity after it is cooked completely as the leaves are sticky. 

This tasty dish is now finally ready. It tastes the best with white rice and chapatti, or it can also be eaten like a snack.

Listen in for more!

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