Rise Up, Bengaluru: How ‘Steel Flyover Baeda’ Campaign Got Citizen Activism Right

In this episode of #RiseUpBengaluru, RJ Divya is in conversation with Srinivas Alavilli and they discuss the ‘Steel Flyover Baeda’ Campaign.

Srinivas is from the IT industry but is deeply interested in social and civic Issues, the anti-corruption movement, and better governance. “As a group, we successfully demanded a stop on the steel flyover plan and many people came to know about me much better than any other work in which I had been involved before. The point is, the number of issues is mounting day by day and many of the citizens are frustrated but unable to do anything about it. My belief is that if we need to capture this frustration and energy and channel it in a positive way to demand better from the political establishment. Steel Flyover Baeda reinforced that belief when 1,000 people got out on the streets. That is when politicians understand the strength of numbers and act differently.”

Steel Flyover Baeda got national-level attention because it was a unique display of the collaboration possibilities between Jhatkaa and many other organisations. It realised the idea of expressing what you feel through a missed call.

If any of you were part of the Steel Flyover Baeda Campaign, then you can share your experience through the WhatsApp number: 8884983333.

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