Active Cooking: Going Green with Sabakki Soppu Palya

In this edition of Active Cooking, we have brought in some lovely green leafy vegetables. With us is guest cook Sampreetha, who will show us how to prepare Sabakki Soppu Palya.

Sampreetha recently passed her PU exams and has always been interested in cooking. “I learned to cook from my Mom.” In this conversation, she explains the medicinal qualities of the sabakki green leafy vegetable, saying that it is known to help cure constipation and piles.


Sabakki soppu
Toor daal
Red chilies
Salt to taste

First, boil the toor daal and the sabakki soppu separately.

Pour some oil into a vessel and heat it. Add in some of the seasonings and later, toss in the red chilies, which should be halved.

Mix in the boiled soppu and daal, and add some salt to taste.

The recipe is now complete. This soppu tastes the best with white rice and chappati.

Listen in!

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