Masada Kai with Chandramma: Domestic Work, Sick Leaves, and Salary Increments

In this episode of #MasadaKai, we feature the story of Chandramma, who has been a domestic worker for the past 20 years.

Chandramma started with five houses, earning Rs. 25 at each place. Her husband had passed away and she had been responsible for their two children. While times were tough then, today, she is much better off, earning Rs. 1,000 per house for cleaning and washing vessels. “The size of the house doesn’t matter, though. It is the same payment.” She spends about Rs. 1,500 on travel. “When I requested for an increment, they said that this is how much we pay; if you want to work, then OK, or you can leave. When I asked them that they, too, get increments and bonuses at work, so why don’t they pay us, they said that I should not compare myself with them. We have studied and you are uneducated, you should not talk to us like this, they said to me.”

Chandramma considers it a boon that she at least doesn’t have to fight for sick leaves. “But in these many years, no one has helped me out to support my children’s education, even when I had requested.” One of the owners would give her Rs. 100 whenever she would be ill. “Once, I left a job because the owners refused to give me sick leaves.”

Listen in!

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