Balya Amulya: Debating Whether Smartphones are Good For Children or Not

In this episode of Balya Amulya, RJ Vijaya speaks with Nagamani and Nagasimha on the topic of ‘Children and Mobile Phones’.

RJ Vijaya starts off by explaining the harmful effects having a cell phone at a very young age can have on children’s health. “Mobile phones should not be given to young children. In this interview with me, Nagamani talks about the worried parents who keep complaining that their children are addicted to mobile phones and do not play outside. According to her, there should be a particular age at which to give phones to young children, and that giving phones to a three-year-old is a big mistake.”

Nagasimha, on the other hand, feels that phones can be given to young children but they have to be then monitored 24/7. “Mobile phones can be harmful as well as useful, and young ones, in fact, can learn a lot from them. If the parent gives the phone then they should take up responsibility for it and monitor their child’s actions.”

The group also discusses excessive gaming. Games like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) are not just played by teenagers, but by persons from all age groups, which includes children below the age of 12! “As PUBG is a violent game, it can badly affect children’s behaviour. Apart from gaming, social media sites, too, are used by children. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp play an important role in a child’s social life today, which is why cyber-bullying has become a serious issue. Parents have to monitor their child’s online presence very intelligently.”

Most school children today search for answers on Google and are exposed to the Internet world at a very young age. Rising young audiences for pornography is also a major problem. Nagasimha feels strongly that the problem is not in giving children access to phones. “Teaching them to use phones and the Internet the right way is what is important. Parents should, of course, also find a way to trust their children in this process.”

Listen in!

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