Active Cooking: Bassaru is a Lip-Smacking Green Vegetables Curry

Cooking enthusiast Dhanalakshmi is the guest cook in this episode of Active Cooking. She helps us prepare a lovely Bassaru using green leafy vegetables.


Arve soppu
Toor dal
Salt to taste
Chillies to taste

Boil the dal. Heat the oil and lightly fry the coconut, jeera, pepper, and garlic.

Add the tomato (5 to 6, preferably) and the tamarind into a blender and make a paste.

Separately fry the Arve Soppu and then mix it with the fried seasoning. Grind the chillies and some garlic with the blended mixture.

Now, boil the green leafy vegetable mix with the toor daal; add salt according to your taste.

Prepare the curry by adding oil, onion, mashed garlic, dry chillies and other seasoning items like curry leaves and mustard seeds; fry till the onion turns brownish in colour. Add salt if you desire a more salty taste.

Add the green leafy vegetable mix into the gravy. Pour in a little more water and add in approximately 2 spoonsful of sambar powder. Allow it to boil well.

The Bassaru is now ready.

Listen in!

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