Eco Talk: This Project Listens to the Music of Plants

In this episode of Eco Talk, conservationist and tree health expert Vijay Nishant talks about his team from Project Vruksha Foundation which is currently working on recording electromagnetic waves emitted by plants in the form of musical notes.

The Foundation launched this initiative to record plant sounds with the help of a special instrument called MIDI (musical instrument device interface). Electrode patches are stuck on to leaves, which, in turn, help track the electromagnetic variations from either the leaves, the roots, or the barks of trees, and translate them into audible sounds of varied frequencies; these culminate into musical notes. “These notes are different for different signals. When the tree or plant is in distress, they emit high frequency sounds, and the frequency is calmer when the trees are relaxed. The device converts electrical signals into sound waves and allows one to clearly listen to the music of plants.”

Listen in!

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