Active Bengaluru: The Run for Vrushabhavathi River

How many of us know about the Vrushabhavathi river which used to flow near Mysore road?

People living in and around the area still recall their grandparents telling them about going for a swim in the river. Unfortunately today, in the place of a river, there exists a stream of sewage water. This smelly stream runs for kilometers along Mysore road. 

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Nivedita and Aruna from the RR Nagar group talk about ‘Run for Vrushabhavathi River’ on 22nd September, 2019.

Nivedita and Aruna are part of a group that is working with like-minded people towards the rejuvenation of lakes with the help of experts in the field. They have also worked in building up lakes and rejuvenating them in forested areas. Gradually connecting with each other, they have formed a foundation with like-minded people and groups called ‘Namma Vrushabhavathi Foundation’. Together they have been reaching out to experts who are working on the issues of catchment areas, on campaigns and more.

Yuva Brigade has taken up the cause and has organised the ‘Run for Vrushabhavathi’. The run will start from the Ganapathi Temple in Kengeri Satellite at 7 am and will culminate at the Jnanabharathi campus. 

If you are interested to take part in the run, call 9686049412. 

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