Mano Charchae: Alcohol and Depression are a Dangerous Mix

In this episode of Mano Charchae, RJ Padma Priya speaks with Divya Nallur about the mental health effects of alcohol addiction.

People start drinking for many reasons. But if alcohol is used to drown stress then the remedy will be effective only for a few hours. Once sober, the stress will return and make one feel worse than before. “If the person who is addicted to alcohol is also living with depression, then treatment is needed for it without fail. If a person is willing to stop drinking alcohol then they must follow a step-by-step process that reduces the intake in small doses over the course of three weeks.”

For the treatment to succeed, one should gradually reduce the consumption of alcohol and then finally stop it. Memory loss and the onset of dementia are common problems that years of alcohol addiction can cause. Sleeping disorders are other issues that are regularly reported among alcoholics, as are instances of vitamin deficiencies.

Listen in!

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