Mano Charchae: Dr. Ali Khwaja from Banjara Academy Speaks on Inner Happiness and the Bhutan Model

In this episode of Mano Charchae, Dr. Ali Khwaja from Banjara Academy speaks about inner happiness. “Who doesn’t want inner happiness? Everyone needs it!” 

There is no wealth greater than inner happiness, and it is synced with our day-to-day emotions. In this interaction, Dr. Ali relates a simple but powerful story which highlights what happiness is and where it comes from. “Happiness is really defined as inner happiness; happiness which comes from the outside is temporary and can become the reverse as well. If someone is very nice to me then I am happy but if the same person is not nice to me, then how do I feel? I should build my happiness within myself.”

The example of Bhutan and its focus on happiness is very inspiring for Dr. Ali. “Our neighbouring country Bhutan can be a very good role model for us. Every country is measured by Gross National Product, depending on this index they tell us how well a country is doing. But Bhutan is the first country in the world which said that it will measure Gross National Happiness (GNH) of their country. They laid down nine parameters – psychological well-being, health, time use, education, cultural diversity and resilience, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity and resilience, and living standards. We can also follow something similar. One has to say to oneself that I aim towards happiness and then, definitely, it is possible. The most important thing which prevents us from being happy is when we start comparing our life with others’. Comparisons will inevitably force our minds to find one reason or the other to make us suffer.”

Listen in!

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