World Tourism Day Special with Environmentalist Jahnavi Pai: Zero Waste Travel is Possible!

In this special episode dedicated to World Tourism Day, Environmentalist Jahnavi Pai talks about the zero-waste trip that her husband, Vinay Sreenivasan and she successfully completed. “We are planning for more such trips!”

This couple has traveled to 15 cities without creating any trash! They achieve this seemingly impossible task by adopting simple hacks. Jahnavi says that while travelling, “we need discipline”. According to her, in India, sustainable travel is very easy when compared to other countries. “Why? Because filtered water is easily available everywhere and it’s hygienic, too. For example, we have used the filtered water available at railway stations and we have never fallen sick. The basic things to carry are a water bottle, your own cutlery, and for women, a menstrual cup.” They also eat at and buy from street vendors and not shops which consume more resources to pack food items. This way, they help the local economy as well. To travel, they use local transport options like buses and trains, and don’t hire cars.

Jahnavi says that this is the usual way in which she travels on her personal and professional trips as well. “My concern is not to generate waste in my life and that is why I follow a very simple lifestyle.”

Listen in!

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