Active Bengaluru: Anirudh and Avinash from Let’s Be the Change on ‘Bengaluru Veeraru’

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Anirudh and Avinash from Let’s Be the Change (LBC) talk about ‘Bengaluru Veeraru’.
Bengaluru Veeraru is an initiative by BBMP to provide a platform to all ‘Clean Bengaluru’-visioned non-profit organisations to solve community problems. It will be powered by the combined efforts of organisations and residents of Bengaluru. It will enable all stakeholders to come together to report and solve problems, by empowering and enlightening citizens.
This hand-holding and step-by-step solution-making will help us all realise that all citizens are capable of bringing the change that they want to see.
The Let’s Be The Change team will help in implementing this process.
Anyone who wants to do something for Bengaluru can be part of this effort and can visit to share problems and solutions.
“For one-and-a-half months, we interacted with communities in each ward, asking what problems they have and how they were looking to solve them.”
“For example, Sunil from Yelahanka shared about a black spot near his house. He wanted to work on it with the help of an organisation. So, we suggested to him a step-by-step process with which to gather people in and around that place, involve the BBMP team, and to get ready with materials needed. The fourth step, that is tomorrow, will involve cleaning that spot with the help of community members and the BBMP. So, you see, this whole team is Bengaluru Veeraru!”
The LBC team will be working on solving community problems through:
1. Cleanathons
2. Pothole Fixing
3. Plog Runs
4 Tree Plantations
5. Jagruthi Jathas
Are you interested to solve any problem in and around your area? Do register at today!
Also, listen in for more!

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