Gandhi Jayanthi Special: A Satyagraha to Revive the ‘Sacred Economy’

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, Active Bengaluru brings to you a special episode. Raghuveer, Secretary of Grama Seva Sangh, speaks with RJ Vijaya about the Satyagraha started on 25th September, 2019 and the aim behind it.

It started with a fashion show for young people, the clothes having been designed by the renowned fashion designer, Prasad Bidapa, focusing on the Sacred Fabric that is Khadi, on Handloom, and on Handicrafts. It was followed by several such cultural programs, concluding on the 2nd of October. 

From October 2nd, the fasting shall begin, the first three days being relay fasting and the fourth day onwards, it shall be indefinite fasting. 

“Gram Seva Sangh has launched this Satyagraha for the rejuvenation of the Sacred Economy. By ‘Sacred Economy’, we mean that system of production which provides maximum employment to people, with the least investment. By least investment, we mean both natural and financial. We actually mean the rejuvenation of nature and economy both, through this measure.”

The Satyagrahis believe that the economy that prevails today is the opposite of the sacred. It is a ‘monster economy’, monster both in nature and in size. “And it is dying. And it is taking the ecosystem along with it. It is high time that we revived the sacred.”

The Satyagraha shall bring upon moral pressure on the people to consume less. And to consume those products that can be termed ‘sacred’ under our definition. The sacred economy is a scale and not a dictate. Handmade sits at the top of the scale. But, it shall be followed by those products that employ the most number of people to do them, as also do the least damage to nature.

Gram Seva Sangh is a bridge between the enlightened youth and constructive work. This bridge helps the city youth to make contact with, and learn from, the village; in things such as, simple living, working with one’s own hand, and nature.

Listen in!

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