Mano Charchae with Dr. Ali Khwaja from Banjara Academy: Tracing the Development of the ‘Family’

In this episode of #ManoCharchae, Dr. Ali Khwaja from Banjara Academy speaks about the importance of family.

“When the man was uncivilized and when people were living in caves, they didn’t have a family unit, they were on their own making relationships and breaking them down. At that time, someone would have thought about how good it will be if we had a set of people whom we return to in the evening after hunting and roaming in the fields. Later, religion defined certain responsibilities when it came to taking care of the family. Similarly, laws also came up with relation to certain familial matters. In India, joint families did well. One person would be the head of the family and take care of everyone. This is how the concept of the ‘family’ developed and was nurtured. In the last few decades, and in the past two generations, however, we have started diluting this concept of the ‘family’. There are four basic pillars that constitute family relationships; if we can maintain this balance, then there is no need to worry, no matter what happens.”

Here are the four pillars of the family:

1. Unless we develop good communication, nothing works

2. Respecting differences, respecting individuality

3. Building trust

4. Strengthening commitment

Listen in for more!

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