Masada Kai with Yellamma: “I started working at 7, and been a labourer all my life.”

In this episode of Masada Kai, Yellamma, a domestic worker, talks about her life and her work.

Yellamma is 68-years-old and has been staying in Bengaluru for close to 40 years. She has done all types of labour work to survive. “I started working at the age of 7! I got Rs. 800 to do all the household work in one residence. I used to clean one gunny bag full of ragi for Rs. 50. I have also travelled to other places for labour work. I would stay in those places for a bit, finish the work and then come back to Bangalore. I have dug wells for 25 paisa per day. It is only now, some three years ago, that I have stopped working and started staying at home mostly. My children earn and give me Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 whenever possible. I save that money to go to the hospital.”

But it is tough for Yellamma to survive, so she takes on odd jobs whenever needed. She had been sustaining her life on the pension she had been receiving, but that, too, stopped coming a year back.

Listen in for more!

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