Ganatheya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru with Hanumantakka: Life Choices Made to Escape Violence

In this episode of Ganatheya Dudimegagi Navu Manushyaru, Hanumantakka talks about her life.

Hanumantakka was married to a man who had been married before. She led a happy life, until the point when her uterus had to be removed. After the operation, she was told not to have sexual intercourse for one year. But her husband was not interested in following these rules and would beat her on a daily basis because she resisted his advances. To escape the physical torture, she moved out and started living separately, quite close to her mother’s place.

As the abuse didn’t stop even after her moving out of the house, Hanumantakka left everything, including her children, behind and came to Bengaluru with her maternal uncle. He didn’t have a wife at the time and once, when he fell sick, she took good care of him. They both were happy for a while, but he, too, started to torture her. He instructed her to not talk to anyone and see anyone apart from him. So, she decided to leave him as well.

Hanumantakka’s daughter dropped out of her hostel as she had to tend to an eye injury. She got married to her uncle, her mother’s brother. The second son of Hanumantakka suffered kidney failure but recovered, while the elder son works as a cook in a school. Hanumantakka was introduced to Swathi Manae when the Swathi Manae team visited her town in Yadagiri. Today, she works as a Jeevika in the organisation. She does sex work for close to 15 days a month as her elder son is the only earning member in the family. “I have suffered a lot, and I continue to suffer in life.”

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