Active Bengaluru: Taekwondo Champ and Student Amrutha Juggles Many Talents

Eleven-year-old Amrutha studies in Sri Rama Vidyalaya. She has been practicing Taekwondo since she was four-and-a-half-years-old, and is a keen pursuer of drawing. Her mother Jyothi speaks about Taekwondo and its many benefits, and her daughter’s first state-level show in Koramangala. Amrutha has also participated in events abroad, and won a gold medal in Nepal. Jyothi believes in working with the potential a child shows, instead of forcing them to do what the parents want. “Taekwondo has helped me gain strength and discipline,” says Amrutha, who is also a Bharatanatyam dancer and a singer.

Amrutha’s talents stem from a keen intellect. She learnt to play the keyboard just by observing her brother playing. Her music teacher is proud of her because she picks up lessons the very first time after being taught. But, Jyothi is careful about not letting any stress get to her daughter. “If children get stressed then it will show up in the work that they do. Amrutha does everything with love and passion.”

Amrutha’s day’s routine begins with Karate in the morning, followed by school. In the evening, she has Bharatanatyam or singing classes. Her mother was wary at first about sending her abroad because of her young age. Later, they decided to send her for a camp with her team for 10 days. “I was very proud of my daughter because she was holding India’s flag in front of an international audience!”

Amrutha credits her parents for bringing out her full potential. She chronicles her travels through photos and hopes that images of her winning medals may inspire other children to go out and achieve something. Her parents, too, use Facebook as a platform to showcase her talent.

In this interview with RJ Priyanka, Amrutha and her mother talk about more competitions and about keeping a winning attitude.

Listen in!

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