Masada Kai with Nandini: From Domestic Worker to Beauty Parlour Owner

In this episode of Masada Kai, Nandini, a beauty parlour owner, talks about how and why she left domestic work and realised her dream of owning a business.

Nandini worked as a domestic worker for six months; in comparison, her friend worked the same job for three years. The family Nandini worked for was good and treated her well. But her salary still was not good enough to support the kind of life she wanted to live.

On the other hand, her friend was treated horribly as a domestic worker. She worked for four hours a day without being allowed to sit and rest, and was not given sick leaves or holidays. She was treated like a bonded labourer, her food was thrown from the 1st floor on to her plate, and sometimes, spoiled food was served to her. Her husband left her and because of this, she was treated differently even in her neighbourhood.

Her friend’s plight moved Nandini and pushed her to think of her own venture. She took up free parlour-training and today, she has her own parlour and training centre. The path was not an easy one, but she has succeed on her own terms. She wishes to train five young women who don’t have any support systems. She has also managed to get her friend a job in Namma Metro.

Listen in!

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