Active Health with Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar: A Healthy Pregnancy Rests on Choice, and A Balance Diet

In this episode of Active Health, Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar, IVF Specialist, and Gynecologist, Chandana Hospital and Miracle IVF Center, Bengaluru, speaks on the importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy.

Women who get married and pregnant at an early age often face massive nutrition-related issues. Their bodies are only developing at this stage and the splitting of all food in their bodies can result in them becoming weaker. “They can then face issues and become anaemic. If young women are anaemic pre-pregnancy, then the complications can worsen.” Some communities have a great level of awareness about the importance of nutrition and the caretaking of babies and can extend great support to young persons.

It is the duty of close family members to ensure that their relative is willing and happy about a pregnancy because if they aren’t, then this lack of choice can lead to intense mental stress. Age is also a factor here – a pregnancy after 35 years of age risks inviting many health issues. “During any pregnancy, the consumption of a balanced diet is a must. A pregnant person needs iron, calcium, and fiber in their body. They need full plates of food that are inclusive of all essential nutrients, which means lots of vegetables and fruits.”

A nine-month pregnancy is divided into three stages – the first three months (trimester), the second trimester, and the last trimester. In the first trimester, many women feel nauseated and thus can have a tough time eating balanced meals. From the fourth month on, they are usually able to dedicate themselves to a nutritious diet. “Eggs, vegetables, meat, cheese, milk, sprouts, fish, drumstick leaves, and other greens are a few of the foods that must be included in their diet.”

Listen in!

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