Active Health: Diabetes Can Slowly Ravage the Body, So Eat Right and Go Get Regular Check-Ups

In this episode of Active Health, Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Physician and Diabetician, and Director at Chandana Hospital speaks with RJ Padma Priya.

The symptoms of diabetes are not very well known and most people become aware of them only after they visit a doctor. “A few of the symptoms to keep in mind are – excessive thirst, frequent urination, excessive hunger but low body weight, and too many recurring infections in the body. If a person’s body weight is high, then regular check-ups are necessary.”
High levels of sugar in the body can be detrimental to one’s overall health as it can progressively affect more and more organs. “With today’s lifestyles, regular diabetes check-ups for everyone from a young age has become imperative. Obesity is a huge risk factor that is connected to diabetes. Which is why carbohydrate-rich foods must be limited. Among Indians, the legs and arms are usually thinner than the upper torso, which can lead to complications in sugar levels. It is advised to eat early at night and save two hours of gap between sleep and the last meal.”

Doctors also suggest drinking more water before dinner which can help one eat less. “Instead of quantity, let us all focus on the quality of food.”

Listen in!

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