Mano Charchae with Dr. Ali Khwaja: There is No Escaping the Digital Addiction

In this episode of Mano Charchae, Dr. Ali Khwaja is in conversation with RJ Padma Priya and they discuss the issue of ‘No Escape from Digital Addiction’.

“We are completely dependent on technology. Today, youngsters have become ‘Digital Natives’ and we elders have become ‘Digital Migrants’; we were born in a non-digital era and we have migrated to the digital world today. Technology keeps changing and children from a very young age are getting addicted to gizmos – they handle mobile phones even better than their elders! For example, people have stopped using their own way of thinking to reach a place, they just Google and move ahead. Children playing on mobile phones feel that the phone gives them everything and accepts whatever they do. So, the child starts thinking that the mobile is better than playing in a group of peers. We sometimes exchange greetings on WhatsApp groups and start thinking that we are sharing it for people to know. This kind of feeling is referred to as the ‘Herd Mentality’ – doing things for the sake of others. People are finding it difficult to withdraw from such things and mental health professionals call it FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.”

Listen in for more!

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