Chigurida Badaku with Counsellor Jyothi: My Long, Tough ART Journey

In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, Jyothi, a counsellor from Sangama, is the featured guest.

In 1999, she started on her ART regimen through a private hospital. Side-effects from the medication affected her health in 2002 and created liver and kidney problems. She was informed about stones in her kidneys and a high dosage of tablets was prescribed to resolve her issues. This led to even more health problems for Jyothi’s eyes and legs. “It took me some time to come out of this phase,” she recalls.

First-line tablets didn’t work for her and only later did she come to know that the Government was providing affordable ART medication and that non-governmental organisations were also working on this issue. After observing her situation, Freedom Foundation helped her access free tablets. “This also didn’t help me fully, and my body developed hypertension and high sugar levels. My family members were convinced that I was going to die. The third-line of tablets triggered drastic weight gain and I could no longer sit at work. Today, I am supported by my church and other helpful organisations. I stay alone and do not wish to depend on anyone. All organisations have helped me with medications and nutritional supplies. Slowly, I am recovering and searching for a job.”

Listen in for more:

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