Active Bengaluru with Raghavendra: Protecting Lakes to Preserve Urban Biodiversity

In this episode of Active Bengaluru, Raghavendra from ActionAid is in conversation with RJ Vijaya. He talks about the consultation on Lakes and Biodiversity which is scheduled for 21st December 2019.

As per the 2019 IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem, “the average abundance of native species in most major land-based habitats has fallen by at least 20%, mostly since 1900. More than 40% of amphibian species, almost 33% of reef-forming corals and more than a third of all marine mammals are threatened.” The report finds that around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history. Reduced biodiversity leads to immediate danger for food security.

ActionAid believes in Conserving, Protecting and Sustaining Biodiversity, based on which they started working in Doddakalsandra Lake in January 2018 with the support of NTT DATA. They have conducted Surveys of Trees, Birds & Butterflies which has been recorded over a period of 12 months and this has been documented. A brochure on Biodiversity at Doddakalsandra Lake assisted them to create awareness among the residents. The process also involved a series of Bird Watching, Lake Walks, Tree Walks, Butterfly Walk, and orientation on lake structures as well as ecology of the lake. With the learnings from the initiatives in the past two years, they believe that lakes are some of the few choices to conserve and sustain biodiversity in urban areas. Diverse vegetation promoted in lakes can prove to be a natural habitat for other living beings, particularly for species of birds, mammals, insects etc., and improve the lake ecology.

Listen in for more!

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