Active Health: Protection from Anaemia During Pregnancy

In this episode of Active Health, Dr. Rekha Rajendra Kumar is in conversation with RJ Padma Priya, and the topic of discussion is Anaemia During Pregnancy.

The incidence of anaemia in pregnancy has risen in the past few years and the statistics are troubling. “The primary cause is lack of proper nutrition. With low levels of balanced nutrition, the risks of bleeding are high and thus, dangerous.”

Dr. Rekha recounts that many pregnant women from marginalised communities visit her and that anaemia is common among them. “The haemoglobin levels among them is sometimes as low as 6, which is very dangerous. Trying to improve the situation with medication is also challenging, so I always suggest that people go for a general check-up before conceiving. A few people get married at a very early age and get pregnant in their teenage years, risking the health of both the mother and the child. Aware of the problems, the Government of India has released schemes under which nutritious meals are provided to pregnant women.”

For pregnant persons, the haemoglobin level should be above 10; when it’s at 5 or 6, the heart won’t be able to pump blood properly, leading to blood clots in the legs, no formation of breast milk, birth of premature babies, giving birth to anaemic babies, and many other problems. So, visit your doctor and get health check-ups done on time.”

Listen in!

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