Mukha Mukhi: Meet Auto Nagaraj – Autorickshaw Driver, and Passionate Actor!

Mukha Mukhi traces the lives of autorickshaw drivers in the city of Bengaluru.

This week’s episode featured Auto Nagaraj in conversation with RJ Shiva Kumar.

Auto Nagaraj was born in the small town of Malavalli in the Mandya district of Karnataka. He nurtured the dream of acting from a young age. When in the 10th standard, he started work as a ticket collector at a theater, while also putting up cinema posters, and being an operator. His acting dream pulled him to Gandhi Nagar, but his hard search for a role proved to be in vain in the initial months.

Reality beckoned and he took up autorickshaw driving to pay the bills. Everyday, he would make it a point to visit cinema studios and spend some time there, watching shoots from the sidelines and trying to approach people for a role. His persistence paid off when a film director offered him a role that involved driving an autorickshaw in a few scenes.

Auto Nagaraj’s journey has been dotted with struggles but has spanned 50 films, 25 serials, and 150 Government documentaries, some social media outreach, and visibility on Google search lists. “I have received such great satisfaction from these roles! I still drive my autorickshaw and am very happy about it!”

Missed the broadcast? Click on the link and catch up on the episodes!

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