Chigurida Baduku: Vegetable-Seller and Single Mother Ratna Talks about Living with HIV

In this episode of Chigurida Baduku, Ratna is in conversation with RJ Radha about living with HIV.

Ratna was informed of her HIV positive status when she had gone to seek treatment for a throat infection. She had been staying with and supporting her daughter and grandson since her husband had left her following 4 years of marriage. He had abandoned her when a male child was not born to them. Ratna had taken on the sole responsibility of raising her child and had arranged for her to be married by the age of 17. Tragically, the daughter’s marriage ended soon as well because of her husband’s constant violence and harassment against her.

Today, Ratna runs her household with the income she gets from selling vegetables. With ART medication, she has found great relief in her life. “Before I started on the ART tablets, I had severe skin issues. The initial side-effects were tough, I would keep throwing up. But I got adjusted to the tablets in time. I make sure to consume a good quantity of vegetables and to maintain a healthy level of CD4 in my body. My only worry in life is about my daughter and how her life was spoiled by the man I got her married to. Her life has not been happy. I wish for her life to be more settled.”

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up on the full episode!

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