Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: Running a DWCC at Great Personal Cost

This week on Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka, RJ Usha welcomes DWCC manager, Kumudha to the show.

Kumudha used to take care of a DWCC at Kathriguppe, but she was forced to vacate the premises. Today, she manages the DWCC at JP Nagar, ward number 177. “This center is narrow in width, the roof is made of plastic sheets, the windows are broken, there are no restrooms, the floor is peeling off, and there are many rats running around,” Kumudha laments. “This is aside from the fact that close to two tonnes of rejected waste is lying here waiting to be attended to. If it rains, then all this waste will get wet for sure.”

Kumudha has not received any payment from the BBMP in the past three years. She has been using her own money to provide for the coffee, bus ticket, food, and diesel charges at the centre. “The value of plastic has reduced a lot and I am finding it difficult to circulate the money in these activities as a sufficient amount is not being generated. I have also taken a loan from Hasirudala but that has been of little help in keeping up this business.”

Missed the broadcast? Click on the link and catch up!

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