Chigurida Badaku: Basaveshwar’s Coming to Terms with Being HIV+

In this episode of #ChiguridaBadaku, 26-year-old Basaveshwar speaks with RJ Radha about living with HIV.

Basaveshwar is the only son of his parents and shoulders the sole responsibility of taking care of them. He was diagnosed as being HIV+ when seeking treatment for piles. He traced the infection back to the time he had met with an accident and had been given blood on an emergency basis. He continues to struggle with the task of informing his parents about his condition.

Thanks to consistent counseling, however, he has today left the worst of his depression behind and has come to terms with the possibility of living well with the help of medication. “I am on the ART regimen now and am feeling quite relaxed about being able to lead a life like others. My parents are now staying in a village with friends but I am worried about telling them about my status as well.”

Basaveshwar also mentions that it would be of great help if the ART Center at KC General Hospital is shifted to more private premises; today, it stands near the OPD inside the hospital. “I was overcome with tension once when I spotted one of my friends in the OPD when I had gone to get my ART.”

Listen in!

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