Behind the Label: Garment Worker Anand Has Fought Hard to Live Well

In this episode of Behind the Label, garment worker Anand speaks with RJ Asha about surviving a debilitating accident and continuing to work.
Anand came to Bangalore 15 years ago along with his parents. While in college, an accident left his movements severely impeded. He started to lose hope in life thinking that he might have to survive with the help of crutches. But, he fought hard and got back on his feet six months after the incident.

Post-recovery, Anand joined the garments industry. The initial days were tough as he faced many challenges while working as a quality checker. During this period, he also took on tailoring. But the first three garments factories he worked for closed down in quick succession. He had to protest along with his peers to get their pending PF payments cleared.
Unwilling to deal with any more financial uncertainties, Anand finally decided to start his own small business of fabric piece-work.

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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