Active Cooking With Prasuna – Making The Famed Chagalatti Vegetable Pulav

RJ Vijaya visited the beautiful city of Bagalkote recently and, naturally, dug into the local culinary culture! Prasuna was one of the persons she met there and was warmly welcomed into her kitchen. The recipe on the agenda – the famed Chagalatti Vegetable Pulav!

Prasuna is a home-maker and the mother of two children. A resident of Chagalatti, she is an enthusiastic cook who is well-versed in the traditional recipes of the area.

Ingredients you would need:

Corriander leaves
Dhaniya Powder
Chakke (cinnamon)


First, chop up all the vegetables and keep aside.

Grind the pudina along with the coriander leaves, dhaniya powder, jeera, chakke, onion, and coconut into a fine paste.
Add this masala paste and the chopped vegetables to the rice and pressure cook the mix. Time it to two whistles.
The hot and spicy Vegetable Pulav is ready!

Missed the broadcast? Click and catch up!

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