Eco Talk with Annapurna Kamath: Jakkur Lake is a Shining Citizen-Led Conservation Example

In this episode of Eco Talk, Annapurna Kamath, Founder Trustee of Jala Poshan Trust, speaks with RJ Vijaya.

She talks about the success story of Jakkur Lake, which went through a remarkable revival process that was led by citizen groups. This initiative was recently recognised by the Central Groundwater Board in its report which was released at the workshop on ‘Community Participation in Groundwater Management’.

Years back, the lake used to be the chief livelihood source for nearby villages. It also supported agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry.

At Jakkur Lake, the five aspects of ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’ were achieved – water conservation and rainwater harvesting, renovation of traditional and other water bodies, reuse of water and recharging of structures, watershed development, and intensive afforestation.

Through this example, one can learn how citizens, the BWSSB, BBMP, and the State Government can work together to conserve and preserve a lake and its ecosystem.

Listen in!

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